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Baltic Sea Map with locations of nuclear industry

A global Nuclear upsurge is underway - and Scandinavia seems to have been made into the international nuclear industry's testing lab and leading example: New nuclear plants are planned, as well as sites for nuclear waste storage, and uranium prospecting companies are trying to get their hands on all land they can.

Seeing this threat, people from different places and countries have started coming together to resist it here - but also to make the resistance cross all borders: in order to abolish nuclear industry altogether, so that no-one, nowhere, will end up with it in their own backyard.

In Finland, the Nuclear Free Finland network is organizing an international Nuclear Climate Camp, 20-26th of July 2009: Because the nuclear industry have started using the climate crisis as their Number One argument, we want to show these lies for what they are: The climate crisis means that all fossil fuels, including uranium, will make things dramatically worse, not better!

For next summer, in 2010, another project is planned: a Tour around the Baltic Sea, to inform about the dangers of nuclear industry, to make actions, and to contact and network with local groups and people on the way. We are currently looking for more people supporting this project, for partner groups, organizations and/or individuals around the Baltic Sea, and for money and other resources for the project. All help is welcome!

We therefore welcome You to a presentation and networking meeting, in Stockholm, Sweden, 18-19th April (2009): On Saturday 18th, we'll hold an open workshop to tell and to discuss with people (You!) about the project. We also welcome all who themselves have connections to places affected by f.ex. uranium prospecting or waste storage plans, or to earlier antinuclear campaigns, to tell about their perspectives and experiences (And of course everyone else is welcome as well!)

The workshop will be at 10-16 o clock, at ABF House Stockholm (Sveavägen 41, Hötorget Subway Station), and will be followed by informal evening interaction and networking if so desired.

Workshop: project Baltic tour against Nuclear Power and Uranium mining

  1. Start, presentation of participants & schedule
  2. Short introduction about the backgrounds and the Baltic tour project itself
  3. Workshop, group discussion:
    • Opportunity for all participants to present their own perspective and experience
    • Networking, discussion of different possibilites for cooperation within the Baltic region.
    • general discussion
  4. Conclusion & Ending

On Sunday 19th, we'll have a meeting for practical planning of the tour, where we also hope to see some new faces! The location will be announced in the Saturday workshop: If you can only attend the Sunday meeting, please contact us to get the location. The time is preliminarily somewhere between 11.00 and 19.00.
Some topics:

  • personal capacities (when & how much time people have)
  • timeline & schedule of the project
  • how to communicate (it should work!)
  • financial stuff & material resources
  • first promotion stuff (for the summer)
  • contacting groups & staying connected
  • nuclear Baltic map
  • develope the vision(s) of the project
  • meeting in autumn


More information about the project can be found here:

If You are interested but cannot attend the meeting in Stockholm, next presentation/preparation meeting will happen at the Nuclear Climate Camp, Lapland, 20-26.7.2009, more info about the camp here (coming soon):

Also, another Baltic Tour project meeting will preliminarily be held in the autumn 2009: see the project webpages above for more info.

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