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How do I participate?

You can join the Tour and travel with us.

Each stop usually has

  • an information event (like a lecture etc.)
  • a day of action
  • the possibility to connect between international and local activists.

We will use means of public transport to travel from stop to stop and the accommodation we organize will often be simple (sleeping on the floor, sometimes outside in tents). You don't have to take part the whole tour: Check the schedule and decide which stops you want to take part in. If you click on the links, you will get more detailed information:

Schedule of the Baltic Sea Info Tour 2010 (short version)

check also the detailed schedule

Please tell us if are planning to come since it helps with the planning of accommodation and food. Contact information at the end of this page.

More information about things you should bring with you and what you should consider especially regarding certain places will be provided on the special pages of the infotour stops.


If you are from the European Union, you will need to apply for visa for St. Petersburg and Belarus – as soon as possible! (People from other countries will need a Schengen visa for the EU stops.) We can help with organizing visas (e.g. invitations), but you will have to do some things yourself. There are alternative stops for St. Petersburg and Belarus for those who don't have visa for these countries.

Contact Us

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