40 years of site designation Gorleben - 40 years of resistance

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It is so long ago that the former Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, Ernst Albrecht, had intended to declare Gorleben as the Nuclear Disposal Centre by just pointing a finger onto the map. Since then, a lot has been prevented: a reprocessing plant, a pilot conditioning plant in operation, an unsuitable final storage. The Castor hall with a capacity to store 420 Castor casks "only" holds 113 casks. But there is a continuous need for further information and resistance! A protest culture has grown in the Wendland anchored as a social movement. We celebrate the successes and gain power for future tasks, namely to promote the final nuclear phaseout, to have the nuclear waste stored as safe as possible and not as cheap as possible, to stop unnecessary nuclear transports and to complete the energy transition. There will be an action day on February 18, an event on February 22 and a DanceNightTotal on February 25.

Germany: 40 years citizens' initiative Umweltschutz Lüchow-Dannenberg

40 years and still going strong ...

On February 22, 1977, Gorleben had been designated as the site for a "Nuclear Disposal Centre". This did completely shift not only the Wendland politically. Since then, everything changed and women like Marianne Fritzen saw the necessity to make a step further and to generate the "structural and organizational" conditions for the fight against nuclear power: in March 1977, the citizens' initiative has been invented again, as a registered association, mean and useful!

We have gone through ups and downs during these 40 years. Spying, discrimination and criminalization. But we did not stop our attitude of having fun, which has often brought the nuclear lobby, their submissive politicians and authorities and many more to the point of despair. The slogan "Gorleben shall live" was born. We have achieved a lot: the energy transition and an obsolescent model nuclear energy in Germany.

We want to make a party with you and we do not want to forget all the future tasks: that Gorleben has finally ceased to be a site for the final storage, that 113 Castor casks emit their radiation in the Gorleben woods, that nuclear energy is not at all discontinued on a European and worldwide scale.

We would like to invite you for a proper resistance party celebrating the 40th birthday of the BI: on a Saturday in March, with Theater, weird speeches and songs, movie, live music and disco.

Hot soup will be offered by the VolXküche, we would appreciate receiving potatoe salad and other salads and pudding for the buffet.

Further information: http://www.bi-luechow-dannenberg.de