2015 Cancer Congress - An aspect of stopping nuclear power

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"Life through knowledge" is the slogan of the Bavarian organization "Krebsgesellschaft" (cancer society). Science deals with quanta-healing and the role of different cells in the brain: is the healing of cancer left behind or is it suppressed by big profit interests? - The later option came back to my mind when I spoke to an Italian friend who heard a story about a molecule with healing effects and this was later completely decomposed in a way with no alternative but keeping the experimental procedures going - a live and let die mentality. In addition to this point comes the contract between the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) which ties the one side leaving us uninformed if it doesn't fit into a world of fossil energy.

Are quanta popular because the question of radioactive waste is extremely uncomfortable? The WHO is now only backed up by 30% public funding and tried to hold back studies on Chernobyl ... Luxury, necessity and freedom to my believe are a field of tension which is not stopping at research, where cool heads are needed.

The German Wikipedia (as of June) says cancer cells which are radiated (in therapy) are destructed slower than normal cells. At a rate of 1 sievert 5% die with cancer; why is this knowledge held down outside of Japan, Mr. Robert Peter Gale?

The dose which is likely harmless somewhere around 100 millisievert can't be topped in woods if you believe the IAEA. Otherwise it's a bad joke. If we look at Fukushima, equal limits for children and adults make pupils think fast where blood drips out of noses till coma and lesser white blood cells can be found in the fallout region. Here is a quote that makes to think about: "Health is a national responsability." The stupid thing is, there is no border for radioactive water and particles in the air; Canada was affected by the accident in Japan! A Child born 10 years after the Fukushima disaster has the right to seek medical treatment all over the world ...

At the German 2014 Cancer Congress prevention was the topic of the Minister of Health. Not the illness is in focus but the affected people. A paradox? The question is, do they nevertheless look for the reasons and are possible threats still on the agenda? The importance can't be ignored, people working with uranium get sick and the reason still is seemingly unclear?

On the one side, here in Germany we hopefully have shocking pictures on cigarette packets soon, on the other hand, we must come together to help where the danger overwhelmed the people. We can't fire off uranium ammunition and look at poor workers digging out the radiating material with their bare hands while we close our eyes confronted with the consequences.

We don't need criteria catalogues and separations into "A2-B-C" to be explained to us by experts against payment, we need to use the knowledge we got and a international and interdisciplinary intelligence must be reactivated and supported to master a catastrophe and to bring medicine up to a level of the "atomic age".

The World Cancer Day takes place every 4th of February every year. The goal is to spread the word how to prevent, research and treat cancer. It was founded by the Union internationale contre le cancer (UICC), the WHO and others in 2006.

Onno Oncken