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Why encryption is so important and necessary - how Skype (microsoft) takes part on NSA spying program PRISM

1. install software

  • Jitsi - encrypted text, voice, and video messaging for multiple platforms. (XMPP SIP)
    • Get a free SIP account for Jitsi and/or CSipSimple with The Guardian Project’s Ostel service. Jitsi warnings: Jitsi may request non-secure information during encrypted chat if you paste a link into it. This can be disabled in "Preferences/Options > Chat > Enable Image/Video replacement". Also, if Jitsi is set up to use Tor, it may leak DNS information by not using Tor for DNS resolution. Lastly, Jitsi records chat history in unencrypted form. This can be disabled under "Preferences/Options > General > Log chat history"
    • see detailed installation advice in March 9 2014 Skype conference minutes
  • Linphone - Encrypted voice and video chat client for multiple platforms. (SIP)
  • Mumble - Encrypted, low-latency multi-user voice chat.
  • sflphone - GNU/Linux softphone
  • iOS: ChatSecure - End-to-end encrypted VoIP calls for iOS devices. (SIP)
  • Android: CSipSimple - End-to-end encrypted VoIP calls for Android devices. (SIP)
  • others

See also the pad on VOIP telephony

2. create SIP account

3. setup proxy

  • Proxy: ostel.co / port: 5061 / preferred transport: TLS

For further questions please use the pad.