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For protection against surveillance and repression against anti-nuclear protests, you should use secure software for communication. We gathered some useful tools for you.


  • list of translations of legal terms and phrases
  • - collection of cases against anti-nuclear activists (focus on Germany)
  • example of good communication & support network: German Laien-Verteidiger*innen-Netzwerk
  • war resisters international - magazine spreading the word about anti-war/anti-nuclear activists in prison
  • Rote Hilfe (Germany, support of leftish repression victims) - covers cases in other countries - up to 50 % (application necessary; lawyer & court costs only - no fines); only persons, no groups supported; applicants have to consider themselves members of left movement


Polish borders restored to prevent participation in COP 19 events

The Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs restored the Polish border controls (passports) at all Polish borders for the time from 8 to 23 November, assumingly because of COP19 and maybe also because of November 11th, the Polish independence day. There are also rumours / non-specific plans about nationalists thinking of disturbing the action weekend between November 15th to 17th, specifically the demo on the 16th. No need to be paranoid, just be careful if you're planning to come.

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