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In Pyhäjoki, Hanhikivi area, not far from the city of Oulu, the nuclear company Fennovoima is going to construct a new nuclear power plant (NPP). The originally E-ON founded Finnish company is gathering a number of smaller and bigger Finnish companies, dominated by the Russian nuclear state company Rosatom. They already destroyed parts of the valuable ecosystem partly protected by national and international law. Since 2014 concerned citizens and anti-nuclear activists from Finland and abroad campaigned with actions, events and a permanent camp close to the area against the NPP project.

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About the camp

After the eviction of the old camp on 15th of September 2015, the camp moved to its new permanent location: a nice little hideout in a local supporter’s forest near the Pyhäjoki town center and about 3 kilometres away from the Fennovoima-Rosatom’s construction site. Besides the new location some other upgrades were made: after a nonformal regrouping the Pyhäjoki protest camp went independent from the Hyökyaalto (Rising Tide Finland) network who originally played a big role in putting it up on springtime 2015.

Plenty of infrastructure has been built and the camp pretty much resembles a fancy forest troll hideout. Everything needed is available – kitchen, toilets, firewood shed, crusty bunker and whatnot. For living spaces we have a big army-style tent and a heavily – very heavily – renovated old caravan.

Naturally, winter time and outdoor living is a combination that takes it time and effort -but we have also done well enough actions.

Welcome to pay as a visit of a shorter or a longer nature – thou shall not be disappointed, even if we do say so ourselves!


The protest camp is located at Pyhäjoki, a small municipality at the north-western coast of the country, alongside the Road 8, between cities of Kokkola and Oulu.

With public transportation the easiest way to get here is first to get yourself either to Kokkola or Oulu and continue from there with a ride from a local bus company or simply by hitch-hiking: both cities are 66 – 101 kilometres away from Pyhäjoki and bus ticket prices are around 18-25 euros. In some cases we can pick people up from Kokkola or Oulu by car: if you’re arriving on a tricky strike of the clock, weather is awful, we’re anyway about to drive there for shopping or skipping etc. But also in these cases it’s a friendly thing to pass out a few coins for gasoline expenses.

If public transportation is not your thing, we’ve glad to tell that experiences with hitch-hiking here all the way from where ever have been good, no matter if you’re coming from Northern Finland or Sweden, Helsinki or direction Turku.

The camp is located roughly a 15-20 minutes walk outside the center of Pyhäjoki, but can be a bit tricky to locate from the depths of the forest. So we much encourage you to give us a ring or a text on the camp phone before your arrival or once you’ve gotten yourself here: then we can give you more precise instructions to fond your way or come to pick you up. If you for one reason or another don’t feel comfortable to comminivate via phone, feel free to contact as via camp email. We try to check our emails on daily basis, but as electricity here is limited that’s not always an option.



Our main goal is to be a secure space, where activities against Fennovoima are being organized. We support all activities that don’t harm living beings.

The camp is antiauthoritarian and autonomous – a community which is formed by people who reside there. All the decisions are made inside the camp and we strive for concensus. The camp has no leaders but a responsible person can be delegated for single tasks. Everyone has equal voice in the decision making process. We don’t accept any kind of discrimination related to gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religion etc. Nationalism or nationalistic symbols are also not acceptable because the state is always hierarcic and it maintains unjust power relationships. The camp is politically uncommitted and we don’t accept party symbols.

We minimalize our support for the capitalistic system and consumption culture. Our economy is based on our fundraising and private donations. We wish to receive 2 EUR/day to cover the food and other costs. All the food that we buy is vegan and all the communally prepared meals are vegan. Infrastructure and activities are based on recycled materials whenever possible.


Preferably contact us in english or finnish.

Camp phone: +358 465 98 1080

Email: stopfennovoima AT protonmail DOT com[1] PGP public key

Facebook: Stop Fennovoima
Twitter: @stopfennovoima
Instagram: @stopfennovoima
Vimeo: stopfennovoima
YouTube: Stop Fennovoima

Alternative domains:


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