Nuclear giant Areva goes to war against a citizen

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Call for international support to CANSE

The French nuclear giant AREVA, partly State-owned, puts up a libelling claim against CANSE (Southeastern anti-nuclear coordination), a French informal action group. CANSE has e-published an article that points out AREVA as endangering the neighbours’ life and safety next to the nuclear facilities in Marcoule, Cadarache and Tricastin, all of them are located along the Rhone river valley as well as other ones in Niger (uranium mine) and until Fukushima (with an Areva Mox-crammed reactor).

Whereas the whole informal action group has signed this e-item, AREVA has not made all of them but only one among its members to be interviewed under caution by a Paris examining magistrate (10th of June 2015). It is obvious then that AREVA wants its opponents to shut up when suiting them one by one at a time and quite running them short of money (court and lawyers' fees). Next to the mass demonstrations for free speech against the CHARLIE HEBDO’s slaughter, this claim cannot possibly be successful. As, beyond free speech, this is the worldwide public health which is at stake.

That is why CANSE's indispensable activism must be widely supported at an international level. Petition to be signed at :

Money support to be sent to: CAN, 180 chemin de la Parisienne, F-84740 Velleron