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The NEC, taking place annually since 2014 alternately in Linz and Prague, has established itself as an important meeting of scientific, political and, above all, civil society actors within the Anti-nuclear movement. As the conference is always dedicated to a particularly current topic, it will come as no surprise that this year it will be all about the increasingly common practice of prolonging life cycles of obsolete nuclear reactors in Europe.

Due to steadily increasing safety requirements, construction of new reactors is only feasible by applying the most outlandish subsidy models and long lead times. As a consequence, there is concern that nuclear power plant operators may be tempted to profit from existing nuclear plants beyond their assigned lifetime. This ploy is as easy to spot as it is dangerous because it drastically increases the risk of NPPs by prolonging their operating times.

This year's NEC analyses this problem from several points of view: In addition to presentations of specific plans in various countries, the risk potential is discussed from a technical point of view and the subject of economic (in)efficiency is brought up. The political strategy is highlighted, the legal framework and options for action are set out as well.

In their lectures, international experts will raise awareness for the imminent danger and open the discussion for appropriate counter-strategies. The concluding podium round offers room for participation for everyone. Listen, get involved, have a say - we look forward to meeting many interested participants!

The conference is free, but early registration is essential for organizational reasons.

Please register by e-mail as soon as possible: office AT anti DOT atom DOT at[1]

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