News:NPP Krümmel Blockaded Using Concrete And Tripods / Krümmel Offline After Third Accident Within 14 Days

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In 2007, the German Krümmel NPP had been shut down after several accidents happened. The main accident was a fire and an explosion in the nuclear power station damaging one of two main transformers. After two years, on June 19, 2008, the NPP was restarted. Only a few days later, on June 23, another "incident" occurred: an electronic device failed. On July 1, the second accident happened and caused a shutdown of the power station - another transformer problem was the reason. For the next two days it was operated with reduced power to be back at 100% on July 4.

To protest against the restart of the NPP, some 200 activists blockaded the gate of the power station on July 3 walling up the entrance and using tripods to block it. They were supported by farmers of the Gorleben region with their tractors.

Only one day later, on July 4, the NPP was again shut down due to new transformer problems. This series of accidents and "incidents" reveals the threats coming from the Krümmel NPP.