National Radioactive Waste Repository, Rozan

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The National Radioactive Waste Repository (NRWR) located in a former russian fortress at Rozan, massovia, is a superficial type repository operated since 1961. It is considered as a disposal site for low- and medium level waste containing short-lived beta and gamma isotopes and as a temporary storage for long-lived waste.

According to acceptance criteria only solid or conditioned waste can be disposed off at the Rozan repository.

In the first decade of NRWP operation waste was not segregated, only partially conditioned and packed in different packages (metal drums, wood cases, glass). No backfill material was used.

Since 1968 short lived low- and medium level waste containing beta and gamma isotopes are disposed off in the part of moat adopted for that purpose. The floor and slopes of the moat were covered with 20 cm thick concrete layer. Waste is placed layer by layer and free space between packages are filled with concrete. Long-lived waste is placed in a seperate facility with the intention of retrieval.

the NRWR repository is beleived to reach the end of its capacity at the latest in about 2020

Some years ago ( the exact time has not been found out yet), the releases of tritium have been observed.