NUCLEAR weekEND in Finland

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Nuclear monsters on the market place of Loviisa
Nuclear Power Plant reactors I and II of Loviisa
Map of the NPP
Street theatre of nuclear monsters in front of the NPP
"Vote for the monster"
Rally through the city of Loviisa
Party for the NUCLEAR weekEND after the rally in Loviisa
This community house was used for the workshops of the NUCLEAR weekEND
Network workshop to prepare actions against nuclear power in Finland
CityCard: NUCLEAR weekEND (back side)

NUCLEAR weekEND in Finland

As the nuclear madness epidemic is spreading we invite you to an inspiring weekend of resistance against nuclear power October 18-20th in Loviisa and Village of isnäs, in the south of Finland, near two nuclear power stations.
Nuclear power has always claimed to be safe, cheap and necessary. The nuclear industry has always lied. The Baltic is already the most radioactive sea in the world. The mining and processing of uranium has catastrophic impacts on the environment, and the indigenous peoples’ lands. Nuclear power is not the solution for climate change.
Women’s’ right to vote, workers’ rights, and the abolition of slavery are examples of achievements due to global movements creating different ways to act for social change. Non-violent civil disobedience has played an important role in the victories of all these movements.
Saturday, October 18 we will concentrate on the importance and opportunities for different ways to act. Activists from Germany, Russia and France will share experiences.
Sunday October 19 we will meet at the Loviisa Market Square for the nuclear free future. The programme will include information about nuclear power, its disadvantages, performances, children’s programs and music. Visions of an nuclear free world will be presented.
Monday, October 20 Programme will continue with workshops and discussions regarding future campaigning strategies.
More information at or by e-mail event(at)[1]
Come meet other nuclear power resistors, bring to others and yourself belief and strength in the struggle, and support local people threatened by the nuclear power industry. All different views are important and valued. Together we can create a movement that will drive the nuclear industry into the past.
Saturday 18 October

12:00 Introduction
12:30 Workshops: Different methods in the nuclear struggle: lobbying to direct action
15:30 Lunch
16:30 Workshops:
- Banner construction
- Carnival preparations
- Performances, and other creative resistance
- Civil disobedience pledge
20:01 Supper Videos and networking (chattering)

Sunday 19 October

8:00 Breakfast, videos etc
11:00 Movement to Loviisa
12:00 Program at Loviisa Market Square
- Veronique Marhandier – Reseua Sortir du Nucléaire
- Lauri Myllyvirta – Greenpeace
- Women Against Nuclear Power
- Music by Kanditaatti
- Poems, performances and clowns
14:30 Demonstratin march leaves from Loviisa Square
17:00 Conversation about Nuclear Power and Uranium Mining at Hotel Zilton
- Movie: Black Magic – about India’s Largest Uranuim Mine – human rights and environmental rights violations
- Castor – Nuclear Waste Transport, Storage and Resistance in Germany
20:00 Concert at Hotel Zilton: Mojakka, Kansalaistottelemattomuus, Alaska, Snotty Finger, Styrge

Monday 20 October

9:00 Breakfast
10:00 Workgroups: Future Campaign
12:00 Summary and Feedback

Food and Accommodation

From Friday until Monday accommodation will be available at organic / eco guesthouse Kaarnaranta, Ianäs. Rooms for 4 – 6 people, extra beds and mattresses.

Suggested donation for food costs = 3-4 €.
Saturday, Sunday morning, and Monday vegan meals will be at Kaarnaranta.
Sundays nutrition will be provided by ‘Paistele Takaisin’ / ‘Fry it Back’ – peoples vegan kitchen. Some €s gratefully accepted.
For the whole weekend food and accommodation 15 €is suggested. Give more if you want, much more if you can.
Donations will help ensure the independence of future campaigning.
Getting Here and Movement

Bicycles and/or public transportation are strongly recommended.Isnäs is about 70 km east of Helsinki, 22 km east of Porvoo, and to / from Loviisa the bus stop / ST1 petrol station in Vanhakylä intersects with a 13 km ‘straight’ road to Isnäs (road #1580).

Busses from Helsinki to Porvoo and Loviisa are fairly regular, check for timetables.
If you don’t ride or drive, and need transport, tell us where and when, and we’ll do our best to please you. Call +358 46 664 5130
Rides will also be arranged for moving people to the Loviisa event on Sunday.
Drivers / hitchhikers: Take the Helsinki – Kotka Highway (7 / E18). 20 km east of Porvoo, or 25km west of Loviisa, take Vanhakylä Exit 64 (at Robinhood / ST1 petrol station) and continue towards Isnäs (13km) (road #1580).
For those using internet trip finders: your final destination is “Edöntie 142” in Isnäs.

Please register as soon as possible by email:
- event(at)[1], or by
- telephone : +358 40 465 3955

When you register, please inform us:

- How many people are you / in your group.
- When you will be attending.
- What transport you have / if you have space in your vehicle.
- If you need help with transport.
- Children, and ages.
- Other possible special arrangements / needs / allergies etc.
- Phone and e-mail.

If you´re only participating the Loviisa event registration won´t be needed. We need it just for arranging the food, accommodation and rides.
Who are we? This event has been arranged by a loose group of individuals from different backgrounds. We are not tied to any organization or political party, but work together with everyone who opposes nuclear power using non-violent non-hierarchical methods.

NUCLEAR weekEND in Finnland

Aufgrund der steigenden Gefahr des Neubaus von Atomkraftwerken in Finnland laden wir vom 18. bis 20. Oktober 2008 zu einem Wochenende voll Inspiration und Widerstand gegen Atomkraft ein. Wir werden im Dorf Isnäs, in Pernaja, Itä-uusimaa am Samstag, den 18. Oktober zusammen kommen. Im Anschluss werden wir am Sonntag, den 19. Oktober mit einer Karneval Demonstration in Loviisa weiter machen.
Atomkraft wurde immer als sicher, billig und notwendig dargestellt. Die Atomindustrie hat immer gelogen. Die Ostsee ist bereits das am meisten radioaktive Meer der Welt. Der Uranabbau und die Weiterverarbeitung des Uranerzes schädigen massiv die Umwelt und insbesondere indigene Gemeinschaften. Atomkraft ist keine Antwort auf die Klimaveränderungen.
Am Sonntag, den 19. Oktober werden wir uns am Atomkraftwerk Lovisa zu einem Karneval für eine atomkraftfreies Zukunft treffen. Begleitet von Bands, Poeten, Kinderaktivitäten und Informationen werden wir zusammen kommen, um unsere Stimme gegen die Atomindustrie zu erheben und unsere Visionen einer Welt jenseits von Atomkraft darzulegen.
Vom Wahlrecht für Frauen über Arbeiterrechte über die Abschaffung der Sklaverei bis heute haben Menschen überall auf der Welt eine Vielzahl gewaltfreier Techniken entwickelt, um Druck zu erzeugen und Veränderungen zu bewirken. Diese Arten Zivilen Ungehorsams waren Schlüssel für viele Siege sozialer Bewegungen.
Am Samstag, den 18. Oktober werden als Teil des NUCLEAR weekEND einführende Workshops zur Geschichte und Praxis gewaltfreier Aktionen gegen Atomkraft und darüber, wie wir uns dabei gegenseitig unterstützen können stattfinden.
Am Montag, den 20. Oktober wird das NUCLEAR weekEND mit weiteren Workshops, Vernetzung und strategischen Diskussionen darüber wie wir die Kampagne weiterführen können fortgesetzt.
Komm zum NUCLEAR weekEND, treffe andere Leute, die sich der Atomkraft widersetzen und lass uns uns Know How und Fähigkeiten aneignen sowie Leute unterstützen, die der Atomindustrie vor Ort entgegentreten. Unsere unterschiedlichen Stimmen sind wichtig. Zusammen können wir eine Bewegung bilden, die Finnland und die Welt von Atomkraft befreit.
Lerne, lache und verschaffe dir Gehör.

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