Joint Anglo-French Fast Action Against Nuclear Weapons 2013

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Hiroshima, Nagasaki: No Nukes!

A 4 day fast in sorrow at the destruction caused by the US nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki that caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilians and destroyed these 2 cities in 1945.

A joint Anglo-French fast in protest against the Aldermaston-Valduc Treaty on the development of nuclear warhead technology for the next 50 years.

Why an International Fast?

Still 20.000 nukes, 2000 on high alert status.

75% of countries at the UN General Assembly in December 2012 voted in favour of a Convention to eliminate nuclear weapons. France and the UK voted against.

"Humanitarian disarmament" is a priority!
Abolish Nuclear Weapons
Yes, we can, more, we must!

Programme préliminaire à Paris

  • 5 août 2013, 10:00 : stage "non-violence/jeûne"
  • 6 août, 8:15 : cérémonie de commémoration du bombardement de Hiroshima, Mur pour la Paix, Paris, face à la Tour Eiffel
  • 7 et 8 août : présences en divers lieux de Paris, décidées par les jeûneurs et leurs soutiens avec leurs animations
  • 9 août, 11:05 : cérémonie de commémoration du bombardement de Nagasaki, lieu non-encore décidé.

Preliminary program in Burghfield

  • Tuesday 6th August – Fast begins at main gate of AWE Burghfield – with Hiroshima shadow painting
  • Wednesday 7th August – Peace Crane Walk from AWE Burghfield to AWE Aldermaston and back
  • Thursday 8th August – Slow Walking Meditation around AWE Burghfield
  • Friday 9th August – Nagasaki Lament at AWE Burghfield