Global Action Day Against Nuclear Power 2013

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Global action day against nuclear energy

we start a global rally against nuclear power for a 100% renewable future. a global shoulder on shoulder for a nuke free world.

Let’s stop talking– let’s start our global worlwide energy[r]EVOLution MILLIONS PEOPLE WORLDWIDE TOGETHER. People Power Wins

........We repeat it every year until we are nuke free !
On Dezember the 12th 2013 !12!12!13! something special is going to happen.It will be a world first. We will act as one world to nuke free our planet . Once we are there, we will be together and we will work towards a 100% renewable future. We are all one movement.

this is the second upcoming

raise your voice for a nuclear free world – for a 100% renewable future
Organize your event in your city. Invite your friends to join .
Get out in the street for peacfull protest against nuclear power
Raise you nuclear free banners out of your windows.
Enlight your candles. Plan your event in your city, village
Be part of the worldwide antiatomic rally.. See you on 12/12/2013 - global action day for a nuke free world
We call all NGOs all People JOIN TOGETHER.
TOGETHER we can achieve - a nuke free world - a 100% renewable future

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