German Action Day Against Nuclear Power November 7th 2009

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  • German Action Day Against Nuclear Power on November 7th, 2009
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Independently what the result of the elections in Germany in September 2009 will have, during the next months debates about shutdown or contiuing the operation of the German nuclear power plants will take place. In this context some politicians will defend the so-called "Nuclear Consent" as well as the remaining running time of the NPPs will be a topic. Discussions will be lead about the question which reactors are unsafe and whicht NPP operators are trustworthy.

We believe: No NPP is safe, no operator is trustworthy. Nuclear facilities are to be shutdown - worldwide and immediately!

Exactly this opinion is what we want to bring on the streets, in front of the power stations and to the company headquarters. Though, we call for a nationwide Action Day Against Nuclear Power on November 7th, 2009.

Whether it is a Flash Mob, a blockade or an an occupation, a street theatre or a climbing action - your creativity is needed!

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