Dance down Fennovoima! Antinuclear dance event at Hanhikivi 31th of May

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At Hanhikivi Cape, Pyhäjoki, on 31st of May, starting at 15 o'clock. Fennovoima's megalomanic dream about a new nuclear power plant can still be stopped! This however requires determined, quick and extensive activity. Since 21 April, protest camping and delaying of the work has been going on in Hanhikivi, but also your help is needed!

So far access to Hanhikivi is free for all, but from 1th of June Fennovoima intends to take over the area using a questionable preliminary expropriation permit, even though it will take several months before the expropriation becomes legally final. For this project a law was made that also in the future allows companies to compulsorily expropriate and seize land. It’s our responsibility to stop this autocracy before it starts!

We invite everyone that opposes the nuclear project to Hanhikivi cape in the end of May. Let's dance, celebrate and gather strength by the sea, so we have the energy to continue with the resistance!

Don't let the corporate dystopia become reality! Let’s show that a private company can’t force landowners from their land for profit, even if the government allows it.

Remember that Fennovoima still hasn’t enough Finnish/EU-based ownership – 60 % is the demand set by the government. Let's make sure that nobody wants to have anything to do with Fennovoima's and Rosatom's foolishness. Their last day to apply their building permit is the 30th of June – by then the ownership base must be secured.

Join us NOW to put a stop to the nuclear power madness and corporate autocracy!

What I can do:

  • Come to the camp at Hanhikivi cape, celebrate and protest in the end of May
  • Come to camp now!
  • Come to the camp June 8th–21st, when there will also be seminars and workshops in Pyhäjoki.
  • Write about the issue and spread the word! Please share this message too.
  • Provide financial support.
  • Arrange activities in your own locality.


Get in touch if you have ideas for the dance event!

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