Burghfield Lockdown

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You are invited to a mass nonviolent blockade of the two gates at AWE Burghfield to peacefully disrupt the construction of nuclear weapons, and get in the way of preparations for Trident replacement.

AWE Burghfield works alongside AWE Aldermaston (they are only 7 miles apart) to build and maintain the nuclear warheads that are deployed on trident submarines. Our Lockdown will demand that plans to replace Trident are scrapped, and will call for a global ban on nuclear weapons. Action AWE will host a convergence centre in Reading and can offer support before the action with forming affinity groups and nonviolent direct action training. A briefing pack will be available on-line soon.

D-locks along with arm-tubes and sit-ins peacefully allow us to extend our blockading time.

Burghfield Lockdown is the beginning of a month of action at the Atomic Weapons Establishments called Act, Speak, Vote -> Disarm! It is our intention to put nuclear disarmament high up on the agenda for the May 2015 general election.

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