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Bure 365 call-out

Following several meetings of ”Assemblée anti-nucléaire du Grant L’Est“ (i.e. The Eastern anti-nuclear Assembly), we have decided to launch a one-year campaign of actions called “Bure 365”. The main aims of Bure 365 are to make people aware of the continuing conflict with the geological disposal for high level radioactive waste in Bure(namely, the Cigéo project), general nuclear technologies and the world that goes with this and also to reinforce the long-term fight at both the national and international levels.

Deep geological disposal has been put forward by French authorities, amongst others in the world, as THE solution to the impossible nuclear waste dilemma. In spite of what the French government and its multinational industries keep planning – the renewal of the entire French nuclear fleet as well as the export of the Cigéo model to the global economic market of nuclear waste pseudo “management” … Deep geological disposal is irreversible and does not allow any sort of debate for future generations.

We do not want to suggest any alternative to deep geological disposal until nuclear waste production is definitely stopped! To propose something could amount to the same thing as working for free for “nucleocrates” in order to find a way to get rid of their own crap. They can keep dreaming! We all know very well that there won’t be any miracle solution for managing nuclear waste. Who could claim they are able to manage deadly radioactive waste for millions of years of which the radioactivity is equal to ten times the history of the humanity?! The only option is to end nuclear power and nuclear waste production.

Preventing the Cigéo project in Bure is blocking any official management of the current, future and deeply problematic radioactive waste that has accumulated daily , within a legal framework, for many years now. To block Cigéo is neutralising the atomic machine and creating huge pressure for the final shut-down of nuclear power in France.

Our wish is to see people from everywhere making this call out theirs and organising as many actions as they can over a one year period from the start of the Bure 365 campaign.

Bure 365 is the occasion to act in a decentralised manner in unexpected places following our own calendar where nucleocrates' rules no longer exist. Bure 365 will support all types of action based on complementary ways of doing things : civil disobedience, public, direct or legal actions and so on … We urge however not to harm people physically: any physical attack will be considered as going beyond the limits of the Bure 365 campaign.

Our fight cannot be undone! Cigéo will be buried!

Please send us your press releases/photos/videos as well as your projects for actions to: nocigeo AT riseup DOT net[1]. These will be published on Bure 365’s official website: http://nocigeo.noblogs.org

  1. For protection against automatic email address robots searching for addresses to send spam to them this email address has been made unreadable for them. To get a correct mail address you have to displace "AT" by the @-symbol and "DOT" by the dot-character (".").