Atomic Threats In The Baltic Sea Region/Working meetings/March 2015 meeting

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March 2-8, 2015 in Döbeln, Germany

You are invited to join the first working meeting week of the Atomic Threats In The Baltic Sea Region project in 2015. As the granted project time is over, we have to finish the final reports for the grant, and we will start to develop the new project. So far, we know that the book project group will continue, thus investigations on atomic threats in the Baltic Sea region will continue. It is possible, that other projects of the ATOMIC BALTIC network/project also want to continue, or that new initiatives will be started apart the old project frame. - This working meeting will provide space for that, too.

However, we need to clarify in which context activities will be continued later. So far, no funding was raised for ATOMIC BALTIC network/project for future. Projects in continuation of ATOMIC BALTIC could either work with no budgets or volunteers must be found to organize new funding. Anyway, this is also an opportunity for a completely new discussion of the ATOMIC BALTIC network/project.

Nevertheless, we wish that everyone can participate in the meeting, even if they shouldn't be capable of covering their own travel costs. We can't make any promises at this point, but we would try our best to make your participation in case you can't afford your travel costs. Thus, get in touch with us as early as possible and let's discuss how your participation could be made possible. Please contact the the former ATOMIC BALTIC finances group!

topics and projects

This section is in process - topics and further schedules will be clarified with the participants of the meeting.

working groups having audio meetings during this week:

  • ...

projects meeting and working here during this week:

  • book project:
    • discussion of future travel costs of participants in the book project
    • individual investigations and text work during the week
    • deadline for providing articles for discussions
    • feedback and discussion on selected articles
  • flyer project:
    • flyer: Atomic threats around the Baltic Sea
    • maybe flyers on concrete facilities
  • ...

upcoming and ongoing campaigns and events:


  • ...

issues to be discussed

  • what projects want to continue after the official end of the granted project time?
  • is there interest in continuing ATOMIC BALTIC as an informal network with no budget afterwards?
    • should aims and format of ATOMIC BALTIC be discussed again?
    • sharing main roles and tasks of the old project didn't work out - this would need to be solved as the persons who took over responsibility before won't continue to do this
  • continue to improve secure communication within our projects and networks