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Ostrovets NPP

This is what we found useful for improving on the article about the NPP in Belarus. Comments and suggestions are welcome!

  • article is too long for the book
    • create a subpage for the book article with an extract of the main article, see for instance the article on Olkiluoto NPP
  • would be nice to have better understanding of risks (safety concerns) of the NPP
    • there should be also more information on specific risks
    • write the notes in the beginning in complete sentences and provide more detailed information on it
    • mentioning the "dominant western winds" sounds as if it would be a problem if radiation would be spread over Belarus - clarify!
  • style looks like advertising for the nuclear plant, better to improve it
  • fixing future style of writing; style should give more suggestions/possibilities, than fix the perspective like the nuclear industry wishs it
    • phrasing should rather be "is supposed to", "proposed", etc. instead of fixing the future with "will" terms
  • last part should be extracted/put to another part of the article
  • many parts could be described more briefly (date, content, events, etc.)
  • contacts to critics are missing, also data box, photo, links section etc.
  • references should be improved
    • particularly missing for the list of "main participants" and for the "history" section
    • the information where to find additional information (on BELTA - Belarusian Telegraph Agency website) leads to no results - add concrete link or delete it
  • line "under construction" should be removed (all articles in the wiki are the same "under construction" as this one), chapter "news" maybe too - for short version
  • necessary to format view of main page
  • would be good to provide scaring pictures, e.g. what impact an accident in Ostrovets could have - show dread/fears of possible effects of explosion/ pollution
  • necessary to check terms, text, linguistic construction
  • it is unclear what is meant with "a 110/10kV substation Viliya" - please clarify!
  • explain the word "repatriation" - actually it means nuclear waste export to Russia!