Atomic Threats In The Baltic Sea Region/VOIP meeting October 27, 2013

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Skype conference October 27th, 2013 at 8 PM


  1. clarification of facilitation + minutes keeping
  2. proposal media group meeting
  3. discussion on results of the planning meeting
    • feedback on planning meeting, opinions on the following next steps
  4. preparation of the working meeting in December
  5. discussion of the not yet clarified roles and responsibilities within the project
  6. discussion on secure VOIP conferences (instead of Skype)
  7. appointment for next VOIP conference


clarification of facilitation + minutes keeping

  • facilitation: A.[1]
  • minutes: B.[1]

proposal media group meeting

The first Skype media group meeting has been proposed for Saturday 3rd of November at 8 PM CET. It was announced to the project mailing list. If there is no objection, it will take place at that time.

discussion on results of the planning meeting

There was no discussion about this topic, as the documentation isn't completed yet.

Postponed to the next Skype conference.

preparation of the working meeting in December

The second working meeting will take place 8th - 14th of December at the project house in Döbeln, Germany again.

Preparation tasks:

  • There must be made a new call out proposal for this meeting. The topics from the old proposal will be considered and reviewed for the new one. One important point is logistics for the working meeting in December.
  • Extra invitations to three other groups were sent already. Positive feedback from groups from Austria and Finland trying to send a participant to the 2nd working meeting.
  • Invite small groups/project groups to use this meeting for seeing each other in person again (like the "book group" anyway meets there, and other groups could do it, too).
  • On the working meeting there should be an introduction day, if there are a lot of people from new groups should join this conference.

As two of three people in the Skype conference can't make commitments to help to prepare the next working meeting, we skipped discussions of this point here.

discussion of the not yet clarified roles and responsibilities within the project

There are three major roles & responsibilities:

For each group we have at least one committed volunteer already, coordination group and media group are at least three committed people. Unfortunately there are to few people in the project at the moment, so some people are members of several responsibilities at the same time. There might be the risk of burnout for them, so new volunteers are very welcome to help with this important responsibilities.

These are other roles / tasks for groups, which have no commitments yet:

  • reach-out
  • promotion/inclusion of additional participants
  • website improvement
  • networking
  • secure communication
  • translations

Two open questions: how to go on with these groups (select some important ones and try to push them to be started?) and how to deal with the situation, that several people are having several roles, although we thought no-one should be in more than one responsibility?

The main problem about these main responsibilities is, that in the worst case one of these roles (especially finances and coordination) is such a big task, that it would risk to burn out the person who is in charge for several of these big responsibilities... The idea of having working groups was to make it more balanced and to organize a structure that makes it possible for other people to join these tasks. Because if we don't have the groups, it will be mostly one person to do this - because this person anyway will do (and was doing) networking, will involve new participants, will work on the website, ... - This is a dominance we want to avoid.

Website improvement was seen as important task in this meeting. K. will try working next year on this topic, too.

discussion on secure VOIP conferences (instead of Skype)

It was agreed upon testing new technologies first, if they are good enough, we should move away from Skype. Some people have no experiences with alternatives to Skype, and don't want to figure that out, but would try to join when we start using a new technology.

appointment for next VOIP conference

The next project meeting via Skype is taking place on November 10th, 2013 at 8 PM CET. This appointment was agreed today at the skype conference. The plan is to have every 2 weeks a phone/chat conference.

  1. 1.0 1.1 For protection of privacy of the persons involved, instead of real names only acronyms in form of capital letters starting with "A." are used in these minutes of the meeting.