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Minutes Skype conference September 18th, 2013 at 8 PM

Participants: J., K., K., F. and L.

1) Participants
Overview and discussion on confirmed participants of the planning meeting, and on unclear candidates.

2) Practicalities
F. will buy food on Thursday evening. Tasks for cleaning and preparing the venue were shared on Wednesday so it can be considered as already done. Two cars are probably available for Thursday evening to pick up people from the railway station. Cars on Friday are unclear. Owners don't lend them, but have to be asked to pick up people - this is more complicated...

3) Program
L. made a draft, will be discussed this night and sent out tomorrow.

4) Press release
K. will write it on Thursday and send to the mailing list on Friday so people could read it and make comments on Saturday's Skype meeting.

5) Next Skype meeting
Saturday, 21/09 at 19:00 CET

So far K., M., V. and O. have confirmed that they will join it. Additionally, the participants of the planning meeting will be involved.

We need to invite those who cannot come to the planning meeting at the Project House. Later, if the -so far- unclear candidates won't come, we will invite them too. Everyone invites those people they had contact with.

6) Info email with directions to participants
To be sent together with the program draft. Either F. or L. will extract the directions from an older invitation. K. suggested to include food and sleeping conditions in it. L. suggested to add that participants should take warm socks with them.