Anti-nuclear demonstration & conference in Colmar

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On October, 3rd about 7,000 people took part in a demonstration in the French border town of Colmar (sited in Alsace, near the German-Swiss border) against the nuclear plant of Fessenheim. Speakers from France, Switzerland and Germany criticised the ongoing operation of the oldest nuclear reactor of France in Fessenheim and the expected decision to extend the reactor license for another 10 years. A minute's silence and wailing sirens illustrated a nuclear accident. Different music bands, street actions, a huge banner action and many yellow T-Shirts were just a few aspects of a peaceful and powerful demonstration against nuclear energy.

The prefect of Upper Rhine and the mayor of Colmar denied the demonstration to take place inside the town center of Colmar and moved it to a place in front of the city's train station. Authorities deployed about 3,000 police officers, dozens of anti-riot police vehicles and trucks with water cannons all over Colmar.

On Saturday evening and on Sunday different conferences and concerts took place on locations in and around Colmar. Different activists from around the world refered about uranium mining, actions of civil disobedience, the plans about new nuclear power plants in Switzerland and many other topics.