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On the infotour as well experienced anti-nuclear activists and experts as people without much background knowldedge on nuclear issues will travel together around the Baltic Sea. Nobody is expected to have a certain scientific knowledge or activist experience. We want to educate and to learn ourselves by attending lectures and workshops, but we also offer information events ourselves.

At each of the 15 stops of the infotour we are cooperating with local anti-nuclear activists and groups. They will prepare accommodation and food support for the infotour, and they decide which specific topics they want to focus on with the infotour at their places. That's important as they know best about the situation there and one main goal of the tour is to support the local anti-nuclear activities. The local groups will also prepare the events at their stops and do the local promotion for the infotour. For this reason every stop is different from the other one, and you should check the webpages of the stops you want to visit with us to find out more.

For travelling from place to place we will usually use public transport; in some places we will exceptional have cars for local transport. In some places the local groups organize bicycle tours in connection to the infotour.

The basic concept of the infotour stops is to have actions, information events and network gatherings at the places during the three days we stay everywhere. We will usually sleep on camping sites, in school buildings or appartments of activists - this is depending on the local groups, thus, you should check the webpages of the stops. Usually we will be provided with vegan food; you should expect to have to help chopping up vegetables, cooking and washing the dishes. In general you should not expect any luxury - we will sleep in our sleeping bags on foam mattresses. If you have other needs you should talk with us - we will try to help you to find what you need, but you will probably have to pay yourself, if you for example want to stay in a hostel.

Focus of the project is to raise the awareness for the radioactive contamination of the Baltic Sea - it is the most radioactive in the world! Today the main producers are the nuclear power plants in Sweden, Finland and Russia besides the nuclear facilities of Sellafield(!). If the proposed new atomic projects of the nuclear industry will be realized - uranium mines in Finland and Sweden; new reactors in Russia, Belarus, Finland, Sweden and Poland; final disposal sites beneath the Baltic Sea in Sweden and Finland - the radioactive pollution of the sea will increase even more. We want to educate people and publicity about the nuclear threats and discuss certain nuclear projects in detail. While we transport this issue to the people's sensation we learn ourselves more about these issues in the information events that will be organized by the local groups both for us and the public.

For the long-term perspective we want to develop good connections between groups and activists around the Baltic Sea and in other places, too. We are aiming on future cooperation projects and we want to create networks to support each other in our projects and activities. By preparing this big infotour project we already make the first contacts and experiences with some activists. The regional network meetings that will take place at each stop of the infotour will invide further organizations and people to come in contacts with us and to exchange information as well as preparing common activities.

You can join the infotour for the whole time or take part just for certain stops you want to visit. And if you have only little time, you are of course also welcome to visit single events in the places where the infotour has its stops. Please announce your participation to us as soon as possible as we have to plan and prepare accommodation, food support and the activities knowing at least rough numbers of participants.

If you have a possibility to help us to prepare and realize the infotour, your support is very welcome! tour AT Email[1] us or call us at: +358 41 7243254.

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