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Baltic Sea Map with locations of nuclear industry

Schedule / Topics

Sunday May 30

  • arrival of participants in Bonn

Monday May 31
10 AM: Welcome, introduction of people, programme

  • details of the schedule will be discussed then

9 PM (German time!): Skype talk with those people who couldn't join the meeting in person

Tuesday June 1

Wednesday June 2

Thursday June 3

  • departure of participants

Topics for Monday:

  1. updates of the infotour stops around the Baltic Sea
    • is everything clear for local people? what has to be cleared now? getting an overview about the planned activities at the local stops
    • Tour Stop in Greifswald - still not very much progress
    • Tour Stop in Copenhagen - still not very much progress
    • Tour Stop in Stockholm - still not very much progress
    • Tour Stop in Poland - still not very much progress
    • help needed to make sure that these stops will work out...
  2. Travel costs to and back from the infotour and during it around the Baltic Sea
    • we have at least some money to cover travel costs, but not enough for everything - need to create a solidarity model to make it possible for everyone to join independently on their income
    • to use the travel refunding money we need to meet some requirements for the receipts - we have to discuss how this can be realized
  3. General money issues
    • are all local stops organized financially autonomous? Are there stops with unavoidable costs that can't be covered locally? How to deal with these costs?
    • we have a small amount of "free money", but it is much to less and we only can use it for absolutely necessary costs - need to discuss the conditions and to find out what money will be needed
    • additional funding needed - who can organize some more money?

Further topics to discuss (maybe Monday, maybe other days):

  1. Participants of the infotour
    • get an overview which groups will organize how many participants and how many more people are expected from the joining countries
    • we need to know as early as possible who will participate, because the local groups need to have an idea how much food and sleeping space they should organize
    • visas have to be organized very soon! that's another reason to get clear about participants to tell them to apply for visas (e.g. for Belarus and Russia)
  2. Organizing issues - what has urgently to be organized centrally?
    • we need a person or several to be contact for the local groups in Poland and Belarus to the infotour
      • that means to ask them for details to be organized (accommodation, food, venues, local costs, media work, advertising to people...) and to ask again if the communication doesn't work properly
      • shouldn't be too much work!
    • we need to update the website - who can read it and improve the information provided there?
      • that's much work - probably better if several people could share this work?
    • we need to get clear about the transport around the Baltic Sea - someone needs to check travel connections and find out the best means of transports and costs
      • that's much work - maybe two people can cooperate in doing the investigations and fixing the transport? Should be in close communication with each other, because every part has to fit with each other
  3. Media Work
    • discussing the media and publicity strategy (some parts are already clear, some parts should be developed)
    • making clear that there will be media releases in all the countries where we have partner groups
    • deciding about drafts for media releases (topics, when to publish, who does the drafts)
    • getting media lists of all the countries
  4. Promotion of the infotour / advertising
    • invitation letter: translations, distribution
      • only translations in German / English available - but should be available in all connected languages! - who will do it?
      • on the [letter webpage] the groups / mailing lists that already received the invitation should be added to avoid spamming them...
      • discuss which additional groups / networks should be invited and who will do it (right now!)
    • distribute info materials - posters, postcards, flyers
      • order colour prints right now! - tour AT[1]
      • print the black/white pdf documents (poster, flyer) yourself and distribute them!
      • to which magazines could postcards be added to advertise the infotour broader?
  5. Baltic Map project
    • explain the idea and find out who is willing to help to develop the project (doing investigations and gathering information on the map webpage)
  6. Nuclear Baltic Sea brochure (follow up of the infotour)
    • introduction to the idea of this brochure - overview to the nuclear situation around the Baltic Sea (NPPs, uranium mines, final disposal sites, nuclear transports, resistance, contacts, radioactive pollution of the Baltic Sea in general)
  7. repression issues / legal stuff
    • we need to gather these information for the countries the infotour will visit and publish them on the website


We will have the preparation meeting at the climate camp that takes place in Bonn from May 29 - June 6, because some people involved in the Baltic Sea Info Tour will be there and would like to have the chance to attend events there and to join the preparation meeting.

The websites of the climate camp provides information about the event:

It is a camping site and they expect people to bring their own tents. Anyway, we will have two tents there (for up to 6 people) and the organizers of the camp mentioned that there would be also other tents, so that in emergency cases there would be space for people to stay, even if they don't bring their own tents.

You should bring sleeping bag, foam mattress, cutlery, cup and a plate to be on the safe side in case the camp can't provide everything. We will stay there in tents, so bring your own tent with you, if you have one.

The address of the camp is Weidenpeschweg in Bonn-Messdorf - you can check train connections at

How to get there

You find directions to the venue of our meeting on the [0=showSingle&p[1]=ID&p[2]=1376&p[3]=Blog::SubPages&p[]=showBoth&p[]=ID&p[]=1380&lang=deu climate camp website] as well in German as in English.

On their website they explain how to reach the camping site:

"The climate camp Bonn takes place on a meadow belonging to Gut Ostler.
You reach Gut Ostler by local traffic (ca. 20 minutes from Bonn Central Station): Bus Route 610 and 611 (Central Busstation Plattform D -opposite of the central station-, direction: Lessenich). Step off at stop Gielsdorfer Straße. Turn right into Gielsdorferstraße (8-49) where the big commercials are. Follow the street to the next junction where you turn right. When you pass the small bridge turn directly right into the asphalt path to the countryside. After 200 meters you

will reach the climate camp on the left side. Good luck

There will be also signs to show you the way.
If you have problems you can call the infophone: 0049157-86119958"


We got an EU grant for the travel costs of this preparation meeting. Each partner group can officially send up to two people (one person up to 27 years old, one person of any age) and would get refunding for 100% of travel costs between their home town and the venue of the meeting. However, we need to know how many people will join to be prepared and to make sure that there will be enough money for the travel costs refundung - please announce yourself for the meeting as soon as possible!

We also want to make it possible for people from Belarus, Russia and Azerbaijan - who want to take part in the infotour - to join the meeting. But officially there is no funding for non-EU country travel costs. Would be nice if some people could give us their travel receipts without needing everything refunded - then we could use this saved money to cover costs of people who officially can't get refunding from EU money.

The climate camp asks participants for donations for the accommodation and food. But they emphasized that no one will be send back or have to die for hunger if they can't afford to make donations. So it is your decision if and how much donations you want to make!


announced participants as at May 30th, 2010:

  • Belarus: 1
  • Denmark: 1
  • Germany: 2
  • Netherlands: 1
  • Russia: 2
  • Sweden: 3
  • Finland: 1

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