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Baltic Sea Map with locations of nuclear industry

The meeting will start at 10:00 on Monday morning (26th). It's best to be at the place on Sunday evening. Please tell us if you want to come, especially if you want to arrive earlier or not until Monday. tour AT[1]


  1. Tour Stop in Greifswald
    • talk with locals about the tour and start to plan the hows and whos
    • scheduled for Monday (Apr 26), 17:00!
  2. LeSabot's role
    • how much of the kitchen part will be overtaken - what else is to be done by the other participants...
    • more details how food stuff would work
  3. Additional funding
    • everything needs to be low cost - groups should try to organise money for themselves
    • which costs won't be avoidable, so that we have to cover them? (as sooner we get clear about some figures the better)
  4. Further promotion
  5. Visibility strategies
    • how do we want to promote the topics / issues of the infotour? What are the visibility strategies of the Baltic Sea Info Tour?
  6. Local stops of individual people
    • we need to find out who will join the Tour for which parts to be able to plan and coordinate the activities...
  7. Public relations issues
    • who would write / help with writing press releases for the infotour?
    • who would help with translations of press releases to different languages?
    • who has media contacts and could forward press releases to them?
    • who is willing to be interviewed by media regarding the infotour?
  8. Means of transport
    • e.g. LeSabot gear, but also if there will be other vehicles
    • is it fine to use only public transport or do people wish that there will also be parts of the infotour done (or combined with) other means like bicycles, caravans, boat, ...? If so, someone needs to ask around for these means of transport and start to organize them
    • there will probably be not enough funding to cover all the travel costs - can we expect that all participants pay parts of their travel expenses or how should we deal with this issue?
  9. Coordination / reliability
    • we will need people who will stay in contact with the local groups (contact and coordination)
      • still needed for: St. Petersburg, Belarus, Poland
      • Falk is doing that already for: Copenhagen, Malmö, Stockholm, Olkiluoto, Oulu, Aland, Helsinki and Loviisa
      • for Greifswald it should be done also by Falk + probably by G.Beck...
      • for Riga K. is themselves involved in the whole framework coordination, so that should be fine
  10. Baltic Map project
    • explain the idea and find out who is willing to help to develop the project (doing investigations and gathering information on the map webpage)
  11. repression issues / legal stuff
    • we should gather these information for the countries the infotour will visit
    • where are the information gathered at the meeting in Helsinki?
  12. baltic nuclear stuff brochure (follow up of the infotour)
    • this will probably be a topic for later, because Falk has to give an introduction about it (but won't attend this meeting)


  • ikuwo in Greifswald, Goethestraße 1.

There are beds and bedsheets, so you don't need to bring sleeping mat and bag. We'll cook for ourselves and we can buy organic food from the food cooperative, but it's not clear yet if this is already possible on Sunday, so bring some basic supplies for that evening if you can.

How to get there

Greifswald is about 4 hours by train from Hamburg and max. 3 hours from Berlin. DB website (railway schedules)

Ikuwo is a less than 10 minutes walk from the main train station of Greifswald. Standing in front of the station, follow Bahnhofstraße to the east. After 5 juctions, the street changes its name to Goethestraße and the first house on the right is ikuwo. On the left side, there is a school.


We don't have funding for the meeting, so everybody is asked to pay for themselves if possible. Of course, if you can't afford it, we can support you. Just ask.

ikuwo asks for a donation.


We were 3 people.

Le Sabot

  • will probably come from Rostock to Helsinki or Loviisa
  • joining until Riga
  • 3-4 people
  • there will be another person from Le Sabot at the next meeting
  • want to contribute with their experience in organising food
  • not the kitchen slaves
  • will organise food together with local people
  • food preparation and kitchen work is done together
  • want to take part in the tour events
  • cooking for street actions is possible


  • can prefinance
  • 600-700€ for ferry

+ petrol + food

food car

  • automat (Swedish cooking collective) could lend equipment but don't have a van
    • renting is expensive
    • will check out until beginning of May
    • this van could join tour from Åland till Stockholm
      • drivers needed => who?
  • Le Sabot's van can load up to 2 tons => can transport tour equipment as well (boxes needed)
  • what if car is stopped on the road?
  • how high is risk at non-EU-borders?
    • to Russia
    • to Belarus (if we have automat van)
  • how to avoid trouble?

how to organise food for rest of the tour

  • is cooking at local stops sufficient?
  • can locals organise food?
  • need to have overview => responsible for every stop?


  • benefit gigs at tour stops?
  • donation boxes at every public event

unavoidable costs:

  • biggest expense: travelling from stop to stop => not yet clear how much because participants are not clear
  • petrol + stuff for LeSabot
  • hopefully, local stops can organise their own money
    • if costs are known beforehand, it would be good to know them


  • situation: we probably won't have enough money to cover all travelling costs
  • how do we decide who has to pay for themselves?
  • if you tell people that they have to pay for themselves, they might not come at all
  • would be good if you just have to pay for getting to the tour and then don't have to worry about money on the tour
  • make a rough estimation of how much money will be spent and how much we have, then divide by number of participants
  • vicious circle: without concrete information about individual costs no confirmed participants, without number of participants no calculation of individual costs
  • ask people to prefinance and give back a part of the money later
  • people who can't afford it can ask for support
  • renting a van could be cheaper for some ways (e.g. Rauma-Oulu)
    • ecologically incorrect?
  • save money by biking and hitchhiking (if people want to do it)


  • Loviisa-Helsinki-Riga-Poland could be possible by bike
    • people who don't join the Russian and Belarusian stop
    • decision of these people => who is it?
  • Greifswald - Copenhagen
    • just 1 day in between
    • 100 km Greifswald-Rostock, 150 km Gedser-Copenhagen => not possible
    • 60 km Greifswald-Rügen, 30 km Trelleborg - Malmö => possible
  • how do the bikes get back to point A? could be a donation from

point A to point B


  • G.Beck will try to take over contact with St. Petersburg stop
  • Belaurs and Poland are still open!


  • ask local people to also make promotion for the whole tour
  • we need to invite people (especially for Russia and Belarus, because they need to get visas)
  • remind people to take care of their visas
  • visa info should be in wiki
  • extra piece of paper for flyers:
    • please announce yourself before 1 June
    • if possible prefinance your travel costs
    • contacts can be local people => decentralising the work
    • but! info needs to be gathered again to estimate costs etc
  • list with possible tasks during the tour should be in wiki
  • list in wiki: who/how many people are at which stop (how public?)
  • flyer final version text into wiki/to list => G.Beck
  • German translation of flyer text for magazines etc. => G.Beck
  • make advertisements in magazines:
    • local people's ideas?
    • nuclear monitor? (also advertised Lapland Camp last year)
    • carbusters, Belgium mo => L.
    • anti-atom-aktuell, contraste => Gina Le Sabot
    • grünes blatt => G.Beck
  • send around invitation email:
    • everybody's task!
    • eyfa, 2 COP15 climate lists, Anti-Atom-Plenum Berlin, BUNDjugend, NAJU (2 German youth environment organisations), BI Lüchow-Dannenberg => Gina Le Sabot
    • byco (baltic youth cooperation), JANUN (German lower saxony youth network) => G.Beck
  • spread flyers at events
    • G.Beck and Gina LeSabot are taking care of German events: ya basta meeting, BUKO, Anarchist Bookfair Switzerland, Los geht's, Aufstand, Fusion Festival

public relations

  • do we want to have a tour blog? needs to have regular writer(s) => who would like to do that?
  • are the locals doing the translations to their language or do we need to look for people?
  • G.Beck helps with English-German translations
  • ask for translation help on invitations/on a task list in the wiki
  • press contact: if locals don't manage, tour gets less attention and might feel useless
  • can locals share press contacts beforehand?
  • get foreign correspondents/English speaking media to be able to do something even if speakers of local language are missing for unexpected reasons

legal issues

  • if locals are planning an action, they'll be prepared for repression accordingly
  • needed:
    • knowledge about potential consequences of actions
    • contacts to support structures (if there are no specific support structures at least lawyer contact)
  • prepared beforehand for cases of strong repression:
    • lawyer to call
    • media to inform
    • embassy number
    • a person at a save place which can always (!) be called in an emergency and then starts to make calls etc.
      • should be a person that is ready to all these things
      • several persons prepared for different countries

people with knowledge about legal situation / preparing support:

  • Åland => locals?
  • Finland => ?
  • St. Petersburg => Gina Le Sabot asks people she knows
  • Lativa => K.?
  • Belarus => locals?
  • Poland => ?
  • Germany => Gina Le Sabot asks people she knows, G.Beck orders "what to do in case of fire?" brochures
  • Denmark => Gina Le Sabot asks people she knows
  • Sweden => Gina Le Sabot asks people she knows, G.Beck does some research on the net

visibility strategy

  • we weren't sure if we understood this point right and didn't know (or couldn't remember) if there were already talks about it
  • good to focus on the local stuff, but always tell also the big picture. very important to not forget this.
  • local stop - baltic area - anywhere in the world
  • international group of people of different backgrounds that are worried about nuclear
  • what is our background?/point of view
  • focus on group of local stop or group of travelling people?
  • also focus on alternatives to nuclear:
    • consuming less
    • decentralised alternative energy, mix of different energies
    • showing alternatives? (solar cooker, small windmill etc.)
  • discuss political strategy in bigger group => skype conference?
  • why doesn't it exist yet? idea of tour is discussed since 1.5 years
  • start discussing via internet, end discussion at next meeting end of may

tour stop Greifswald

  • talked to 3 locals
  • G.Beck has the impression that they came up with ideas of things they would like to do in general - now we need to see what can be connected best
  • agreement: stay in contact, they are mailing their proposals, we keep them updated and can also make proposals


  • 10.000 people used to work at the nuclear facilities before 1990, now many unemployed
  • decommissioning company (Energiewerke Nord) is also building a nuclear dump or something in Murmansk
  • people speaking up against nuclear facilities in Greifswald are mostly students that moved there from western Germany
  • there is just a handful of active local people, it's a small town


  • talk/presentation about Lubmin facilities past and future plans
  • local who was already active some years ago could tell many stories but not clear whether she still wants to be active => meeting in the next weeks will tell
  • could tour provide talk about nuclear pollution of Baltic Sea?
  • mobilisation for upcoming Castor transport in autumn
  • Stromwechsel-Fest (changing energy supplier party)
  • inviting someone from BI Lüchow-Dannenberg (Wendland) to explain how to start local resistance
  • cooperation with Greenpeace group?

next meeting

  • proposal: 31.5.-1.6. in Bonn
    • it's shortly after Climate Justice Action meeting (international network with potentially interested people)
    • the Bonn Climate Conference is at the same time, maybe some people are there anyway or would like to combine both events?
  • who would like to join?
  • proposal accepted? alternative proposals?

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