"Twenty weeks for twenty bombs" - 2018 action weeks in Büchel

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How many people?

1 person, 10 persons, 100 persons - everything is possible! Even a single person standing in front of the nuclear weapons base can make an impact!

Does every group inscribe themselves to the calendar?

Every group willing to participate gets in contact with us. We will then inscribe the groups to the calendar.


Every group is responsible themselves for the media work and - if necessary - for the announcement. Conditions: the action consensus !!!

Why starting on March 26?

On 26th of March, 2010 all parties in the German federal parliament argued for working toward a removal of nuclear weapons from Germany.

Where to stay overnight?

There are people living in Büchel and surroundings. Those will help if you have practical questions and will assist your search for accommodation.

"Seven days are too much for us."

Many constellations are possible: One group can only be present for 1 day with 1 action during "their" week. Another group can be there for 2 days during their week. A third group can be there for 24 hours on 7 days during their week. Much is possible.

We wish success for your actions! And much fun!